GTW Signup Integration with CF Custom Form Free Version

This trick will allow you to set up a PopUp form to collect and submit signups for a GoToWebinar webinar. It can either signup for the GTW schedule you select, or automatically choose the next available one. Once signed up, it will take you your own custom signup page, which allows tracking via ClickFunnels.


You need to have a GoToWebinar session setup, and from the My Webinars page, click Share -> Copy Registration Link for the webinar series, and you get the needed webinar ID from the end of that uRL (ie.

note the length of number may vary). In ClickFunnels, you must then set up the PopUp to have a form in it that collects First Name, Last Name, Email, and finally a submit button. To track signups withing ClickFunnels as well, you need to set the button to Submit the form.

One you have these set up, you will need to obtain the CSS ID for each of the inputs, including the submit button. .

Code to Add

The code for this gets added to Settings -> Tracking Code -> Footer.

<script src=""></script>
	/* === REQUIRED ITEMS === */
	fmApiKey:  "",
	WebinarId: "--WebinarID From GoToWebinar Invite Link--", /* Find in Invite Link */
	firstName: "#tmp_input-00000", /* ID of First Name Input */
	lastName:  "#tmp_input-00000", /* ID of First Name Input */
	email:     "#tmp_input-000000", /* ID of Email Input */
	timeSlots: "#tmp_select_input-00000", /* ID of Select to list times */
	submit:    "#tmp_button-00000", /* ID of the submit button */
	/* === OPTIONAL SETTINGS === */
	sessionID:    0, /* Which seesion in a series to use, 0 = next avail */
	maximumItems: 0, /* Maximum # of timeslots, 0 = unlimited */
	cutoffTime:   5, /* How close to current time to limit timeslots */
	dateBlocks: {
		/* A list of IDs/Selectors to find Time/Date formats */
	timeZones: {
		/* Optional extra timezones, see */
		"PrefixCharacter": "TimeZone", /* This sample is safe to leave in */
		"~": "PST",
  	webinarName: "", /* Custom Webinar Name, leave blank for Default */ 
  	presenters:  "", /* Custom Presenter Name, leave blank for Default */ 
	/* !!! STOP EDITING !!! */